Notre-Dame: Macron vows to rebuild cathedral in five years


Notre-Dame will be rebuilt within five
years and be "even more beautiful" than before, the French president vowed, as about €700m (£605m) of donations poured in for the fire-ravaged cathedral.

Emmanuel Macron said he hoped French people would pull together to rebuild the centuries-old masterpiece, a symbol of France in the heart of Paris.


Speaking to the nation on Tuesday evening, he said: "We have so much to rebuild, so yes, we will rebuild the Notre-Dame cathedral, even more beautiful, and I want that to be completed from now - until five years. We can do it."

He also referred to the project as being "passionately French", saying it would be something which would unite people..

"It is up to us to convert this disaster into an opportunity," Mr Macron added.


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