Iranian actress to judge at Pnue festival

Iranian actress Gellareh Abbasi has been appointed to serve to the panel of jury at the 16th Pnue International Film Festival (PIFF) which is slated for January 11 to 18.
She will be joined by jurors from India, Canada, SriLanka, Mexico, Italy and Poland to judge 14 films in the Indian festival's competiotion section.
Abbasi is a draduate of Art university in the field of theater. She also graduated from Iran Acting School. 
Pnue International Film Festival (PIFF) was started in 2002with the idea of building and promoting a healthy film culture in Pune. It's objective is to give film lovers in the city access to global cinema and spark a cultural exchange. with discussions, lecturers and master classes on vareid topics related to the craft, it tries to instill an academic flavor in the festival.

*slate: Nominate (someone) as a candidate for an office or post.
‘I understand that I am being slated for promotion’

*Promote:Raise (someone) to a higher position or rank.

‘she was promoted to General Manager’
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